i hate talking. to people. about things.

they are awesome. i was gonna post a picture but that requires energy and effort which i do not have at the momenttttt. but i had to get grey ones so i could wear them at work. they are beautiful and glorious and if it were possible to marry a shoe, these would be it.

05-31-11 6
#toms! #comfy #i kinda want another pair tho #like maybe red #or blue #i dunno
  1. sailaroundtheworld said: HIPSTER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. haveaquote said: My bestie has those! She loves them to death
  3. daeneryed said: They’re so comfortable. Hope you love ‘em!
  4. asideofapes said: BESTBESTBEST! My best friend has grey and I love them!
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